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Oscar Peterson live performancePlaying 'Pimp my Guitar'Short solo with band ParoxysmWim and Peter Beets



Wim in concertClinicTaizeWith Harry Sacksioni



Recensie 'Vader en zoon brengen Dorpskerk in vervoering'
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Interview Radio 3fm

Interview Witte Weekblad Voorschoten
Interview about the theme 'your first LP'. Click here

Interview Gitaarnet
Interview with gitaarnet, an online dutch guitar magazine. We talked about Oscar Peterson and Harry Sacksioni. Click here



In this article I'm writing about learning complex drum patterns. With this new way of thinking about rhythms it is possible to be able to play the hardest polyrhythms. I also wrote about motivating yourself. Click here

Mathematics in South-Indian music
At the conservatory in Amsterdam I'm following classes improvisation with non-western techniques. We treated the South-Indian system and I noticed the amazing amount of structure in this music. So I decided for my study mathematics to write a paper about this. Click here for the paper in dutch.