Kees Rijken (Locomotive) Photographer with a passion
for the guitar.

Enny Snoeren, manager for music, art, theater, etc. ! Check it out

My mother's website and a great influence for me when I'm performing on stage!

Yes, that's me. This is the Mathematics Club in Amsterdam.

You can sign up for mathematics lessons !

A friend of mine who studies art therapy and she paints as well.

The fingerpicking master himself!

The funkiest bassplayer on guitar!!

German youth orchestra directed by my uncle Peter Michielsen.

My father: chess and compositions

Great guitarist from Amsterdam My teacher this year at the conservatory Great jazz guitarist, he was my teacher in Amsterdam in 2004. Great entertaining musician. Youngest blues band from Holland with great talent Dusty Cigaar on guitar. Fingerpicking-style master. Truely inspired by Tommy Emmanuel's playing.

Dennis Great bassplayer. We recorded 'Pimp my Guitar' at his home. Talented classical violin player. Winner of Oscar Back concours 2007. Lovely girl-band from The Hague! Composer of film-music and a friend of mine. I used some of his sountracks for my movie in the mountains 2004.




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